a space for purposeful projects and people

Our Mission

Montaia is a collaborative ecosystem of initiatives created in loving service of purposeful projects and people around the world.

Our creative studio provides branding, web design, development, and digital marketing services to value-aligned organizations and individuals. Our community consists of an international network of purpose-driven digital nomads and conscious creatives. Our collective is co-engineering the next generation of collaborative tools and resources. Together we’re co-creating a brighter world of connected, open hearts and aligned minds.

Cabin’s Summer Residency
in the Sierra

This experience is designed for those who are feeling the call to connect deeply with their own wild identity, with the natural world around them, and with purposeful community on a shared path.

Our Design Studio

Studio Montaia consists of a dynamic team of talented creatives and consultants.
We work exclusively with purposeful projects, to whom we provide authentic digital representation through branding, web design, development, and digital marketing services.
We are value-aligned creatives who are committed to cultivating a deep understanding of your vision and your audience – so that your project can have the greatest global impact possible.

Are you ready to find the
dream-team for your project?

Our Community

Bali | CUba | Eastern Sierra | France | India| Mexico
Get involved with this worldwide network of purpose-driven digital nomads :

Our catalyst community is made up of unique creatives who are both hard-workers and visionaries. We choose freedom as a way of life, yet we are dedicated and persistent. We are determined to use our skills and talents to create positive impact in the world. Together, we co-live, co-work, and co-learn.

Our Core Values


Connection is core to why we’re here, what we all most want, and how we’re going to rise to the challenges of our complex world, together. As a team we connect with each-other through travel, co-living, developmental practices, and authentic communication. Outwardly, we are dedicated to building bridges and connecting purpose-driven organizations and individuals across the globe.


We believe that our bright future is dependent on our ability  collaborate with each other. Internally – we hold each other accountable not only for our daily work, but also for our personal growth.
Externally – We are dedicated to supporting purposeful projects by empowering their missions through design and technology and sharing their messages with the world.


We strive to constantly evolve new, more generative ways of living and working together. We want to be inspired and inspire others. Internally – We encourage our community to break away from lifestyle patterns that no longer serve us, or the planet.
Externally – We make choices based on their ecosystemic impact, and share our successes and failures as inspiration to other catalysts.

Adventuring around the world with our team:

    What Makes Us Different?

    Montaia is not your typical design studio. Each project that we work with has the potential to change the world, and this sculpts the way we work. By connecting purposeful projects to our network of creatives, we support the co-creation between projects and value-aligned teams. These carefully selected teams are devoted to understanding and serving the integral essence of each project’s purpose. By creating thoughtful and authentic digital designs, we inspire the world together.