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Winter Solstice 2018

Refining & Honouring Community Systems

December 21st, 2018, 2:23 pm PST

If we feel into the essence of what Montaia is, this powerful, international, conscious community, full of changemakers and creatives, with a mission to connect, support and inspire, we can feel simultaneously into the readiness of our community. We are ready to raise up, step up, step in, check in, and focus our energies on what we are creating together as a global community.

This aligns so sweetly with the energy of the Winter Solstice, as we acknowledge our need to come together and support each other. The Sun in Capricorn illuminates in all of us the ways we can tune into our function and role in society, and how we can come together to refine and honor the “systems” we take part in. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and their roles are to both maintain and to tear down structures, according to the need of the whole. Really, Capricorn asks first, “Is the system working?”, and second, “How do we refine it to meet the needs of our evolving consciousness?”

While we’re collectively feeling into the lunar node shift of South Node Capricorn and North Node in Cancer over the next 18 months, we also have Saturn and Pluto residing, even more long-term in Capricorn. This brings up the need to decondition from certain elements that no longer serve us, and also to sit deep within our heart and center to feel into the true needs that will support the rebuilding process. This is truly a time of collaborating and taking responsibility for how we can strengthen the ties of our community systems around the world.

Perhaps you are involved in the dismantling or tearing down the process. Or perhaps you are involved in building something new, or in refining a system or structure so that it stays current with the evolving needs of our society. Wherever you find yourself in the process of conscious evolution and community creation, you can find comfort in the fact that we are many, we are strong, and we are here working, expanding and transforming with you.

As this year ends and we are once again at a Cardinal point of initiation, we are being held in the grace of a new beginning, activating and seeding a brand-new cycle of development. Mars in Pisces is sitting right in between Neptune and Chiron, energizing our processes of disillusionment, spiritualization, and healing.

Something nice to remember when we are deep in the throes of disciplined, focused creation, is that by working together as a team, it is easier for us to take a break when needed as individuals. The North Node in Cancer is a guiding light that can keep us filled and fed on the mind, body, heart and soul level. This is the only way we will stay on target with our goals. It can be easy to think “it’s all about efficiency and productivity” when you’ve got a solid project to jump into. And while this is important, the longevity factor will depend on your ability to listen to your body’s needs, your emotional needs, your self-care needs, your security needs.

It’s also important to be aware of our role in being the “parent” of something we’ve created, whether that’s an actual child, an organization, or simply in parenting ourselves. It’s not our job to be all of the resources our creations require. It is simply our job to find the resources needed, which can come through other people, or the community systems themselves.

This is how Cancer and Capricorn feed off of each other and balance each other out. We need to know what we need (Cancer), and we can also find comfort and support in our community and the systems we co-create when we are in alignment with the Truth of what our communities need (Capricorn). How are you able to provide for yourself, meet your own needs, and also meet the needs of your creations? Watch how an increase in individual self-nourishment comes back to feed the community you are so deeply committed to serving.

On the day of the Winter Solstice, Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, bringing together conscious thought and intuition into this process of communal creation. This can greatly influence our perception of Truth, and we can expand our vision exponentially into what our community truly needs and how we can thrive in the future. With the majority of the planets in the inter & trans-personal signs, you may also feel a strong pull out of the “me space” and into the “we space”. Let yourself be pulled, as your intuition is guiding you to the places that need to expand and liberate within, around and through you.

Jupiter has the tendency to expand things, thus expanding our ability to really use our mind. This can help us spot future trends, and feel into new information that can help us be more productive. Something to be aware of with this is when we are in the space of growth and new information, we have the tendency to use that information against ourselves. This is just what we do, what our ego does, in order to try to integrate what we are learning.

So, another way to integrate what we’re learning can be to simply slow down a bit this season. This doesn’t mean stop, but it means to move and work intentionally. If you’ve missed a deadline or didn’t finish as much as you thought you would, it’s okay. Don’t panic. Don’t grasp, or strive beyond what the situation truly calls for. Instead, reconfigure, re-attune, come back to the still center of your heart to find the inner resources that will actually carry you through to completion of your goals. Coming back to what the North Node in Cancer is calling forth from within us, we are reminded to stay attuned to our needs while we ground down into our work, and not let our work take precedence over everything else. This causes us to ignore our needs and can exacerbate inner fragmentation of our human psyche.

Often, we want to prescribe to ourselves new ways to be productive, instead of feeling into all the fragmented parts of ourselves that actually need acknowledgment. When we are fully acknowledged and integrated, (and it’s a process of course), it’s actually a lot easier to be naturally “productive” – in an organic flow state of conscious creation. So instead of using strategies of productivity as a way to punish ourselves even more if we are struggling from any internal fragmentation or “not enoughness”, we can learn compassion for what the wholeness of who we are needs and wants to do and be. This same compassion can actually be carried into the systems we create and be an example of balance between masculine and feminine in our community systems.

On the day of the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn, we also have the Sun forming a quintile to Pallas Athene, the Goddess asteroid of creative intelligence. She is really bringing in some ideas around finding the balance and harmony between masculine and feminine energy in what we are co-creating. As we tear down old structures and come together to build up new ones, this is incredibly important to consider in the new systems we raise up.

We’ll find that the better the balance, the better the chances of longevity and sustainable value in society. You can ask yourself about your relationship to both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in your life, and in the energy of the projects you are working on. How can you honor both more, and in your own way? How can you honor yourself more as you continue to refine your roles and offerings in society? How can you bring honor to your community?


Wishing you all a serene and soulful Winter Solstice.


In loving service,

Montaia Astrologer Jordenne


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  1. Jordenne, this feels so relevant. It’s incredible how accurate this advice is for this time. So many of these concepts have been coming up in my conversations and my awareness the last few days. Thank you for sharing and bringing these perspectives to our community. Looking forward to much more!

    1. I am so glad it resonates. We really are in the midst of a transformative shift and have a lot of responsibility and power in how the new systems are formed. I look forward to what we can create together this coming year and beyond!

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