The world is our office. We travel together and apart, seeking transformative experiences and opportunities to connect with other communities around the globe. Through our journey, the Montaia team aims to inspire growth, new ways of thinking, and a radically free lifestyle.



Kaela Atleework

Kaela has had 5+ years of international team building and group organizational experience. She has spent a large portion of her life living in developing countries and working as a volunteer coordinator for humanitarian organizations such as New Hope Volunteers and Manos Verdes. The focus of Kaela’s formal education was Foreign Language Studies, Communications, and Psychology at CCU. Her goal is to weave a web of connectivity, support, and inspiration amongst conscious individuals and organizations worldwide.

James Redenbaugh

James has 7+ years experience helping conscious organizations create authentic digital products and services that align with their purpose and values. James has been designing digitally since age 5 when he first discovered CAD. He's at home in the digital world but he's inspired by a passionate love for nature, culture, art, and philosophy. James studied art and architecture at Syracuse University. At Montaia, James helps design the ways we design our organization. Using visual, experience, and architectural design skills as well as organizational design methodologies. www.james.today

Em Romano

Em creates in the space between art and design. She studied both, double majoring at the University of San Francisco. Beginning each journey pen to paper, her passion for tangible, crafted creations is met with an inclination to bring them into the digital age. Influenced by over 14 years in the nonprofit world, she is guided by her desire to make a difference. Em worked for 3 years as Chief Creative Officer of Boomcast, an app dedicated to positive change. Her passion has now guided her to help a wide range of individuals and organizations around the world depict visual stories of their impact.

Melissa Tessler

An endless thirst for knowledge, inspiration, connection and growth has been the driving force of Melissa’s life.  As a practicing lawyer, journalist, photographer and yoga teacher, Melissa brings a combination of creativity, intellect and compassion to her role as Editor-in-Chief of Montaia Magazine. Melissa is a passionate advocate for peace, in all forms, with over a decade of experience working ... Read More

Jason Shimamoto

Jason brings over 7 years of finance experience, including positions in strategic planning and financial analysis roles at Dreamworks Animation and Southern California Edison. Jason is currently the CFO of both Montaia and a clean energy technology company called Chai Energy. Jason graduated with a B.S from UCLA and brings a passion for supporting startups with a focus on clean energy or a positive social impact.

Jordenne Rachelle

Jordenne has been deepening her wellness practice for the past decade through yoga, astrology, energy healing, and the study of herbalism. She & her partner are currently taking steps towards owning a retreat center in Merida, Mexico where they will offer yoga, astrology, self-care, healing modalities, natural exploration, and immersion into local cultural significance. Jordenne formally studied community development, health, & psychology, and she received her MA in Global Development Studies. Her true passions lie in the resources & richness of people.

Daniel Hermes

Daniel Hermes is a mystic, writer, philosopher, and futurist. He has spent the past ten years studying the overlaps of science and spirituality, emerging technologies, and the anomalies of consciousness. His interaction with spiritual teachers, from many traditions, have left him with a deep passion for the underlying multidimensional unity of all the wisdom traditions of the world. His part in Montaia, is to assist in bridging the gaps between world perspectives, by highlighting the underlying truths all cultures share in the search for divine wisdom, and a thriving/connected humanity.

Hayleigh Bailey

Over the past 6 years, Hayleigh has been on a transformational journey guided by her love for the environment, her dedication to holistic healing through diet and herbalism, and her deep passion for yoga. Her mission in life is to encourage and invite people to heal through a deeper relationship with themselves and their community, as well as to bring harmony into their lives by connecting with nature. After spending 2 years in a deep study of yoga, she is now a certified 500hr teacher, and she intends to continue her travels with the intention of encouraging sustainability practices, and bringing yoga to places that need it.

Christian Gallagher

After graduating from the Savannah of College of Art and Design with a major in Visual Effects Christian went to work in commercial advertising for major brands such as Audi, Samsung, and Geico. While not traveling with the Montaia team he continues to freelance in Los Angeles for both television shows and advertisements. His specialities include videography, photography, and computer graphics. Through his skill sets he aims to document the wonderful people, places, and events around the world while creating striking imagery that has significant meaning.

Frida Tessem

Born and raised in Norway, Frida spends her time traveling the world, partaking in transformational gatherings and connecting with communities of all backgrounds. She studied culture, social science, and philosophy in Indonesia, which inspired her to dive deeper into a cultural education in the form of travel. On her various journeys, Frida documents her findings and collects the teachings from spiritual traditions across the the world. Her deepest finding was that they all revealed the same core essence. This motivated her to start inspiring people through assisting then in finding their path and guiding them back from the mind to the heart.

Makenna Drake

Born and raised in Boulder, CO Makenna is a contact improvisation dancer, ecstatic dance facilitator, and lover of laughter. She graduated with a degree in Sociology and community development with a focus on qualitative research and storytelling. Makenna has lived for multiple years in Germany, her partner Brandon owns wild jungle land that she has lived on in Costa Rica, and they are currently building a cozy nest together in a canyon near Loveland, CO where they return to between travels. Makenna seeks routine and stability within a fluid and flexible lifestyle and weaves webs of connection both on and off the dance floor through her contagious positivity and authentic being.

Laura Elizabeth

Laura is a yoga teacher and an avid traveler who has been involved with the success of spiritual and sustainable communities across New Zealand and South East Asia. She is highly passionate about yoga, sustainability and spirituality and is dedicated to connecting with like-minded communities. She graduated from Cal Poly State University with a Major in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Management and a Minor in Sustainable Environments. She intends to continue to represent Montaia as she teaches yoga and sustainability to bright organizations and conscious communities across the world.

Jamil Apostol

Jamil Apostol is a fresh, new voice dawning in an age of quarrel and hypocrisy. His drive as a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist comes from a passion he has for learning and connecting with others through creativity. His modern storytelling groove with a traditional Americana folk sound invites listeners from all walks of life to tune in and sing-along, from intimate campfires to large festivals, vibrant nightclubs and the humblest of front porches. Jamil travels around the world associating with fellow artists, seekers, sages and monks. Apostol aims to share the path of self-realization through each person he encounters along his voyages.

Giulia Isabel Savoldi

Giulia identifies herself as a citizen of the world. Born in Italy, with strong Caribbean roots, a nomadic lifestyle has brought Giulia to more than 25 countries. She speaks four languages fluently, has a degree in Sociology and has worked for several humanitarian projects. A deep rooted spirituality, an increasingly strong connection with communities and traditions, ecological awareness, and a belief in the power of change as conscious humans have brought her to Montaia. She's curating Montaia Movement on Facebook and spreading awareness on the potential of conscious body movement to awake us to our Inner Truth.

Jonathan Teomazatl

Jonathan is passionate about photography, travel and ancient cultures. His journey began in 2012, when he spent over a year working and traveling throughout Mexico visiting a vast majority of pre-Hispanic sacred sites. In addition to being a published travel photographer, he is dedicated to creating a sacred retreat center in Merida, Mexico with his partner Jordenne and their daughter Rumi Sol. Jonathan received his B.S. from San Jose State University, and he currently resides in Mexico City where he teaches high school history and runs an exclusively online healing Crystal Shop @TheeAncients.

Andre Fox

Andre has been in the tech industry for over 7 years, heavily focused in creating enterprise-level web applications. Andre has in depth experience working with large corporations such as Sony Network Entertainment Intl. He led the JavaScript team of a Healthcare startup in San Diego, as well as spearheading the UI development portion of Zeeto’s latest project. Andre is inspired to be a member of the Montaia team because he it is his passion to build quality tools for the right intentions; and to bring communities around the world together.