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Montaia Community

Our catalyst community is made up of dedicated and visionary creatives. We  use our skills and talents to create positive impact in the world, while building a global network of mindful digital nomads.

co-live, co-work, and co-learn

On our journeys, we found that the location-independent lifestyle can sometimes lead to isolation and a lack of long-term connections.
We realized that by forming our Catalyst Community, we could provide mindful digital nomads with the best of both worlds.

Freedom as a way of life. Community as a way of living.​

Value-Aligned Community

We believe in our capacity to Grow Together. Our catalyst community consists of carefully selected creatives who are dedicated to creating positive impact in the world. Our community culture is based on clear communication, mutual support, and deep connection.

These are six domains of our personal and team development


Purpose-Driven Projects + Teams

Montaia is both a business – and a community. We are intentionally re-writing the global story about the way that work is done, and we encourage collaboration and mutual support in all aspects of our team engagement.

Through our Montaia Design Studio, we form value-aligned teams who are dedicated to understanding purposeful project’s missions – and supporting their global impact through authentic digital creation.
If you are interested in joining our design studio team, please:

Hubs & Community Adventures

We see the ability to work, live, and travel together as an incredible opportunity. Our goal is to take co-living to the next level. Montaia community adventures always have a focus on personal/collective development, cultural empathy, local community outreach, and greater global connectivity.

Recent Montaia Co-living Adventures

Arambol, Goa, India
Nov-Jan 2019

During this team adventure, the Montaia Community was hosted by a local ashram/conscious dance venue, Forgotten Land. Together we explored the somatic arts, ecstatic dance, contact improv, and community-based music, dance, and art of this vibrant region.

Bali, Indonesia
Feb - April 2019

In Bali we inhabited 3 large villas near the spiritual hotspot – Ubud. Here we worked with value-aligned local projects and developed our own design-studio-network. We also shared in lots of  yoga, healthy eating, and Balinese culture.

Montaia Basecamp 
May-July 2019

This hub is nestled in the California Sierra Nevada Mountains, just south of Yosemite National Park. It is a 7-bedroom redwood cabin with superspeed wifi. This is hub is ideal if you enjoy outdoor adventure, hot springs, and remote mountain landscapes. 

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 We want to learn more about your passions, your purpose, and your journey. Together, we will discover where you best fit into our global community of mindful digital nomads. 

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