Cabin’s Summer Residency
in the Sierra

This experience is designed for those who are feeling the call to connect deeply with their own wild identity, with the natural world around them, and with purposeful community on a shared path.

This Residency Includes:


Montaia Basecamp is nestled in the heart of the Eastern Sierra.  

We recognize and honor that we are living in the traditional territory of the Numa people, more commonly known as the Paiute. Our back door opens into millions of acres of the Inyo National Forest, one of the most beautiful and wildest wilderness expanses in the country. There are hundreds of trails and world-class rock climbing within an hour’s drive.


Our longterm goal is to create a home that allows for the thriving of both the human and the Earth community around us. Each room at Montaia Basecamp has its own private desk in addition to co-working tables in the main space, a living room & wooden dance floor downstairs, and a meditation & cuddle zone upstairs. With a 70 mile view across the Owens Valley, and a 30 mile drive to the closest town (Bishop or Mammoth Lakes), this residency strikes the ideal balance between simplicity and connectivity.


Cabin is an experiment in the future of cities: decentralized physical neighborhoods tied together by a shared culture, economy, and governance structure.

This month-long residency, in collaboration with Montaia, has been designed to be an immersive experience for the Cabin Community members to spend time together and in nature. Our intention is to bridge the URL with the IRL and cultivate community through shared spaces and experiences.  

Join the upcoming Cabin Residency, Summer 2023

Montaia Basecamp: a Cabin Neighborhood

We are a 1% For the Planet organization, and we strive to implement regenerative practices whenever possible. Our electricity and hot water heating is powered by solar  and we use only swamp coolers (no toxic AC waste). We have a vibrant greenhouse and a budding orchard of apple trees fed by the gray water and run-off from our private spring fed well.


Montaia Basecamp offers a unique foundation that allows its community members
 to thrive in their everyday remote-work lifestyle, while simultaneously diving into deep processes
 of personal, cultural, and ecological transformation.  
CONNECTION to high-speed wifi which allows for smooth access for all remote work needs – from web design to zoom video meetings.

SUPPORT from a community of highly curated individuals who share a willingness to not only undergo personal transformation but actively show up for each other on this collective journey.

INSPIRATION from expansive natural landscapes to motivate positive lifestyle change, right action, and a powerful re-direction towards eco-centric cultural reform


Yes. Most people that join our coliving retreats are remote workers, freelancers, or entrepreneurs. There will be plenty of time to do your job or run your business (using our high speed wifi).

Of course! Please fill out individual applications and mention that you’re applying together. Rooms can always be shared, but there will be an additional cost per person to cover food, utilities, and expeditions.

This is only a 4-week residency, but we invite you to check out the other residencies and immersions we are offering in 2022. 

For this residency unfortunately we cannot accommodate pets. If you have a hypoallergenic cat, we can discuss exceptions.

The first priority is for those who are active in our community (₡abin holders). If there are any available spaces left we will open it up to those who are “Cabin curious”

The price for a room at Cabin’s Summer Residency in the Sierra varies depending on the room size and amount of time in the space. The month long experience ranges from $1400-2400, and the 2-week residency ranges from $700-1200.

+ all utilities
+ shared food plan 
+ weekly excursion

Summer 2023 (Exact dates TBD)

We are now accepting applications for this unique experience.

Cabin’s Summer Residency in the Sierras

Stay Wild. Stay Connected.

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